New ideas and new values

New products with ecological yarns

Environmental sustainability, recycling, ECOLOGY are the guidelines underlying the creation of the products of  "Dermo Dry", "Cotone Preformato", "Mamma" and "Oglam" lines. Gios is attentive to every form of production that can combine the best quality of its products with sensitivity towards the environmental and social issues that characterize a lifestyle increasingly dear to Gios and requested by its customers.

Certified Organic Cotton and certified Ecological Polyamide are the direct expression of this Gios vision.


News 2024

2024 gains a new look and guise:
the new proposed items were born from the need to complete our Collections with contemporary and modern models.


Spring Feeling

For 2024, the products Mirra, Mirto, and Ginseng in the color Grey remain unchanged. Also confirmed are the Grace bra and the Jodie shapewear, both crafted from Mako cotton, along with the Cannella bra available in cup C.


Gios Quality

Quality & Tradition

Our specialization is in functional, shaping and containment items.
Our production is continuously reassorted, maintaining a uniform quality over time.

Breathable shaping fabric
Cotton fabric natural contact
Slimming effect Form and support
Essential style Accurate modeling
Refined comfort Lovely supportive lace
Refined comfort
Elegance and design
Fresh cotton on the skin
Maximum comfort for your maternity
Freedom of movement Perfect support
Comfortable in its shape Simple in its design
Class & elegance in comfortable design
Active Glamour