New products, new ideas and new values

Environmental sustainability, recycling, ecology, are the guidelines underlying the creation of the products of the Gios, "Dermo Dry", "Preformed Cotton" lines ”, “Mom” and “Oglam”.

Gios is attentive to every form of production that can combine the best quality of its products with a sensitivity towards the environmental and social issues that characterize a lifestyle increasingly dear to Gios and requested by its customers.

The Certified Organic Cotton and Ecological Polyamide Certified are the direct expression of this Gios vision.


The certified ORGANIC cotton, also called organic or natural, is a natural caress on the skin, thanks to its strong softness and adaptability.

Its composition also makes it more resistant, ensuring greater durability over time.

In the production phases of Gios garments, pesticides, fertilizers and numerous other harmful substances are excluded, actions which also allow us to reduce the quantity of water and energy used.

Certified ORGANIC cotton is therefore a 100% pure product, friendly to our skin and the environment around us.


Certified ECOLOGICAL Polyamide is a yarn obtained from the REGENERATION of fabrics now at the end of their life cycle.

The products obtained guarantee an excellent level of adaptability and wearability.

Gios is constantly committed to producing high quality items, minimizing the production of waste and minimizing the emission of harmful substances into the environment, with total respect for people and the environment.