Gios Quality

We at Gios have a clear goal: excellence in product quality.

To do this, we follow a quality supply chain that guarantees that you are wearing the absolute best the lingerie market has to offer.

We source top-quality materials from the world's leading manufacturers;

We design the article according to the style point of view;

We create the first prototype to analyze the garment in all its components of styling, pattern-making and industrialization.
Having defined the basic garment, we proceed to make all the sizes, because only then can we be sure that the bra will have an excellent fit. We do several fitting tests in the different sizes to find all possible improvements in modelling.

We carefully set up each department before the final production: from cutting to accessory preparation, sewing, middle and final inspection.

We then pass to production, starting with a carefully selected range of supplies to ensure that the product always has the same high-quality standards.

We personally monitor all the production phases: this represents the guarantee of the final quality of the product, because each phase affects the next one and only who designed the garment knows exactly what he wants to achieve.

Our specialization is in ongoing items, functional and shaping. Our production is constantly reassorted, while maintaining long-term quality.